Blonde Redhead: Penny Sparkle

Twins Amedeo and Simone Pace were born in Milan, grew up in Montreal then later moved to Boston to study music. After both earning Bachelor’s Degrees in 1993 they entered the New York underground music scene as Blonde Redhead with 3rd member, Japanese musician Kazu Makino as their foxy frontwoman.

The band has since released 7 full length studio albums with 2004’s Misery Is A Butterfly establishing them as one of the most precious and distinctive bands of their generation. The album proved to be a confident, thrilling wave of sound which won them a whole new legion of fans with songs like ‘Elephant Woman’, ‘Melody’ and ‘Equus’ making this album the most commercially successful release to date. Their song ‘Elephant Woman’ was also used as the ending theme for the 2005 film Hard Candy starring Ellen Page.

2007 saw them release 23 which may not have been as rich and densely-layered as Misery, but the overall mood of melancholy and regret had been replaced by one of wonder and newfound energy. The title track ’23’ was also used in a trailer for the British TV series Skins.

3 years on and they are soon set to release Penny Sparkle. This album was recoreded in New York and Stockholm, working with Fever Ray producer Van Rivers whose synth-heavy background has an interesting effect on Blonde Redhead’s exuberant guitar sound. This album continues to deliver their signiture melencholy-dreamy style which takes you on a 42 minute sensory journey. Penny Sparkle arrives September 14 and below is a taste of the first single from the upcoming album, followed by a track from 2000’s Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons and lastly the music vid for 23’s title track.

Blonde Redhead – Here Sometimes: Mobile users, click here to listen.

Blonde Redhead – In Particular: Mobile users, click here to listen.

Blonde Redhead – 23:

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