The Mountain Goats: All Eternals Deck [Album Stream]

The Mountain Goats (namely John Darnielle) is a North Carolinian folk/indie band that has had a long and successful career since starting to record back in 1991. They feature a a vast back-catalogue of LPs, EPs and singles winning them a legion of dedicated fans around the world.

This year we see the release of their forthcoming studio LP titled  All Eternals Deck.

First single off the bat is ‘Damn These Vampires’:   

Click here to listen to the album in full ahead of its official release, special thanks to

The Goats will be hitting the road this coming February and March to showcase their latest offerings. Be sure to visit their website for all new album and touring deets.

All Eternals Deck will be available around the globe on 29th March.

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One Response to The Mountain Goats: All Eternals Deck [Album Stream]

  1. Nick Peters says:

    Darnielle is a great lyricist and musician. An artist worth investing a lot of time in getting to grips with, I’ve really only recently scratched the surface with his stuff and haven’t gone back any further than 2002’s Tallahassee.

    There’s a great interview and performance on the Colbert Report that you can see at the link below:

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