Kasper Bjørke: Symptoms EP

Danish electro producer Kasper Bjørke has announced the release of his Symptoms EP for this April/May via Hfn Music.

He has uploaded the below track onto Souncloud stating that “This track was supposed to be on my upcoming Symptoms EP, but it didnt really fit…so here you go.”

‘A Trip To Charon’:   

The EP follows up 2010’s Standing On Top of Utopia which made its way onto the short-list for acid stag’s Top 10 Albums of 2010 – didn’t quite make the cut but definitely earned a place in the top 20.

Check out the video for one of our favourite Bjørke tracks, ‘Alcatraz’ from Standing On Top of Utopia – one of the many songs featuring Jacob Bellens on vocals:

Bjørke has also released a few tracks under the moniker The Friendly Ghost, which he uses to put out more techno and minimal house inspired productions. “There will most likely never be a Friendly Ghost album, but definitely EP releases and remixes”.

Take a listen to the track ‘Go Away Song (Kasper Bjørke & His Friendly Ghost)’:   

Stay up-to-date with all things Bjørke and The Friendly Ghost here.

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