RÜFÜS: Interview + EP Stream + Music Vids

Sydney-based electro trio RÜFÜS took some time out from recording to talk us about making sweet music, their debut EP, current tour and plans for the future.

How long did it take to get the debut EP’s tracks recorded and perfected for release?
It all started with me (Jon George) and Tyrone (Lindqvist) when I was living up in Byron Bay at the start of 2010. We came up with idea for ‘We Left’, then in the last 6 months of the year I moved back to Sydney where we started working on a few more tracks. We got stuck into getting those tracks to a point where we thought we had a decent EP. Then, it took us about 6 months to perfect the EP enough that we were happy to release it. By that stage we had brought James (Hunt), our drummer, on-board and from there we started playing the tracks live.

Did you guys find it hard to agree on how the tracks were pieced together?
At the start I wanted a little bit more pop stuff and Tyrone wanted it to be more electro but we found a mid-way quite easily. We got to understand each other’s styles and ideas fairly quickly and from there, putting the tracks together just got easier and easier.

How does an idea evolve into an actual song?
It usually starts with one of us having some idea – it could be anything from a sweet groove to an actual melody kick. From there we may spend a few hours to a few days just fleshing it out. The next step is to test it live and see what’s working on the track and then start finalising everything from there.

The music video for the first single ‘We Left’ made its way onto the Vimeo home page a few weeks back. How about that?  
Yeah, that was awesome! Alex (George) did a really awesome job on it – we were so impressed. It did take a lot of planning and a lot of shooting time to get it done right. It was a lot of hard work but we managed to put together a video that we were all really happy with.

The EP tour has been underway for a few weeks now and you also have a late afternoon slot at Parklife in Sydney this weekend. Is there anyone on that bill you are getting pumped about seeing play/meeting?
Yeah for sure. The Crystal Fighters, Digitalism, Lykke Li. Tyrone speaks a bit of Swedish so he looking forward to putting that to use with Lykke and Little Dragon. We really want to see Death From Above 1979 and heaps of others. It’s a really awesome line up this year. We’re stoked to be playing at it!

Is there any new stuff on the way from RÜFÜS?  
Yeah, we’re currently in the studio bashing out new synths, working towards some new tracks. It’s been really fun. We’ve boarded ourselves up in the Gig Piglet studio in Surry Hills. We’re really excited about what we have so far and the good thing about touring is that we can try out all of our new sounds.

Where do you see RÜFÜS in a year from now?
Sitting on a beach somewhere, kicking back with piña coladas [hahaha]. No we really just want to be doing what we’re doing now – which is making music, recording it and playing it live. That’s what we love and all that we want to be doing.

As mentioned, the boys are on the road at the moment with a few shows already under their belt and a stack more to come. Check out the deets below:

Sunday October 2
Parklife @ Kippax Lake, Sydney

Wednesday October 5
The Metro, Sydney – Triple J Unearthed Launch Party
FREE entry. First in best dressed.

Thursday October 6
Lambda @ Alhambra, Brisbane
For tickets, phone: (07) 3216 0226

Friday October 21
Houndstooth @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide
For tickets, phone: (08) 8212 7333

Saturday October 22
Rats @ Colonial Hotel, Melbourne
For tickets, phone: (03) 9670 8599

Friday October 28
Upstairs Beresford Hotel, Sydney
For tickets, phone: (02) 9357 1111

To prep you for their gigs, here is the debut RÜFÜS EP:

Along with the music vid for first single ‘We Left’:

And lastly, the new video for track ‘Stars Ago’ featuring fellow Sydney singer/songwriter Elizabeth Rose:


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