Youth Lagoon: Interview

Twenty-two year old Trevor Powers produces dreamy indie tracks under the moniker of Youth Lagoon. After rising to blogosphere fame with hit single ‘July’, the Idaho local decided to take his sweet sounds to the road. Next week, he’ll be entering Australia for a short tour – playing to audiences in Sydney and Melbourne alongside Sydney’s own Oliver Tank. In a recent Q&A sesh, we discussed his debut record, musical influences and his first ever musical tour.

Congratulations on the release of The Year Of Hibernation. How does it feel to have an album that is being played all around the world?  It’s great and exciting to know that people are listening to it and liking it. I’m really looking forward to travelling with it and playing the record to people all over.

Did the album take long to create?  Yeah, kind of. I was writing it over the course of 2010 and studying at the local university at the time. So a lot of it was just done in my spare time. There were a lot of times when I should have been in classes but instead I was writing music. The album was recorded in January and mixed in February of 2011.

Who would you say are your major influences for your music?  That’s a good question. I’ve been influenced by some older song writers like Townes Van Zandt. I’m also a big Cocteau Twins fan. So the vibe from like a lot of their music, the writing, the way they recorded their sounds was all a big influence on me.

Are you listening to any albums at the moment? I’ve been really getting into the new Darkside stuff actually. I’m a big Nicolas Jaar fan, I think he’s awesome. I’m also big on Bradford Cox.

Can you tell us a bit about ‘July’ and its music video?  Tyler Williams is a good friend of mine. We started working together on the track ‘Montana’ and that entire process was so much fun – we kept exchanging ideas on the vision and it all worked so well. So when it came time to work on another one, which was ‘July’, we had a few meetings about what kind of direction we wanted it to head. Tyler had this vision for  creating a story to go along with the feeling of the song and create a cinematic interpretation of that feeling. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

You have a massive tour ahead of you. We counted 40 shows across the USA, Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Exciting times! Yeah, I’m really excited. Just the idea of entering that whole world that is unknown to me right now is a really awesome feeling. Seeing places I’ve never seen and playing places I never expected to play!

Is there anything you are going to try to do while you’re here in Australia? I played a few shows with some friends that live in New York but are originally from Australia. They’re called Young Magic and their tour manager is back in Australia at the moment. We’re really excited to meet up with him and hang out. He has promised to show us some of the sites and show us around so that’ll be awesome.

Lastly, how did the name Youth Lagoon come about? I sometimes think in images and mental pictures. I was thinking about how the teenage years are so defining and how those years can impact your future self. I pictured a scene in my head of people swimming around in a water hole – some people hanging out by themselves and others with a bunch of friends. That’s how I thought up Youth Lagoon.

You can catch Powers play at the below dates/venues:

Wednesday, February 15: Toff In Town, Melbourne.

Thursday, February 16: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney.

We leave you with the aforementioned music video for ‘July’:

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