Last Dinosaurs: Interview

Out of Brisbane comes Last Dinosaurs, an indie-pop four-piece that are just about to drop their debut LP, In A Million Years. We had a very comfortable chat with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey about the evolution of the Last Dinosaurs [sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves].

We’re pretty excited for the release of your record. Yeah, us too. It’s been ready for about 6 months now and we’ve been working on it for a couple of years. We’re very, very excited to finally get that out so that people can get an understanding of what we’re about. Was it a long process piecing it all together? Definitely. It was a matter of collating a bunch of songs that were worthy of describing what we are about and what we like to do.

Was it a difficult task agreeing on the album’s track order?   Yeah, agreeing on the order was a little hard because everyone had there own opinion. But we were all really happy with the selection of songs we had so it wasn’t too difficult sorting it out in the end. We end the record with the track ‘Weekend’ and it’s probably one of my favourite songs on the entire album. I love playing that one too.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences? I could seriously go on forever with that answer. One album we were all listening to heaps when coming close to recording the album was Twin Shadow. I wouldn’t really say it was an influence so much but it was something we were aware of and were listening to a lot. It was inspiring though, that album is a piece of art. One thing I really wanted to make clear while making our album was that it wasn’t just a collation of pop songs, it’s like a piece of art that the Last Dinosaurs have made.

Are you listening to any other albums at the moment?  For a long time I listened to Panda Bear‘s Person Pitch every night before I went to bed. Last night I listened to it three times in a row. That album just does it for me. I have an extreme attachment to that album.

Are there many punch-ups when you’re on the road together? [Laughs] No, funnily enough. I guess we’re all pretty chilled dudes most of the time. When we’re on tour together we are just partying so we aren’t really getting on each other’s backs. The only time when shit gets real is when we’re rehearsing. After long blocks of time we can be like “I fucking hate you” – it does get to that point sometimes. So we get punchy but we never actually throw a punch. I guess that’s because we’re all pussies [laughs].

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2012? In May we’re heading over to the UK to live for three months. We’ll be doing a bit of a tour around Europe, which is going to be off the hook. We’ve never been to Europe before so we’re extremely excited about going. We recently picked up Natasha Bent as our new booking agent, which is insane. She does Passion Pit, Foals and Foster The People. Something we really want to do this year is play at Fuji Rock Festival. That’s the dream. If we could do that, we could all die happy [laughs].

As mentioned, the guys are unleashing their debut LP next week. A string of celebratory, sold-out shows will follow. Details:

February 28 – The Toff, Melbourne
February 29 – Spectrum, Sydney
March 1 – Cobra Kai, Brisbane

If you weren’t lucky enough to score a gig ticket, check out the below music videos to see what you’ll be missing out on!




You can also cop a FREE stream of their debut album right here for a limited time.

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