Mount Kimbie: Interview

To our delight, British minimal-electro duo Mount Kimbie are heading back to Australia next month for a few shows. Ahead of this though, we invaded Kai Campo‘s South London morning for a chin-wag.

It’s almost been two years since the release of debut record Crooks & Robbers. Have you been overwhelmed by the response?
It’s been great. We started recording it nearly three years ago now so it’s actually been part of our lives for quite a while. It seems to have been a bit of a slow burner – we’ve found that some people are listening to it for the first time now.

Getting psyched for your Australian tour?
I’m really looking forward to it. I need to actually pack for Russia, Japan and Australia which is kind of crazy. Maybe I’ll take a bunch of cold clothes for Russia and throw them away when I get to Australia [laughs].

Do you two travel well together?
Pretty well. On the last tour – when we did Australia, USA, UK and Europe – we spent a lot of time together and it’s just knowing when to give each other some space. We weren’t sitting at opposite ends of the plane or anything [laughs].

Are you listening to any albums by other artists at the moment?
When we go into writing-mode, I tend to shut everything else off. I like to avoid all outside influences. However, we were at SXSW recently and saw a group called Kindness who are from the UK. They have a really awesome sound, so I’d be listening to that, if I wasn’t writing [laughs].

How’s the new material coming along?
Really well. We want to do something different this time around. Not too sure how it’s all going to translate yet but today is actually our first practice with a bunch of new stuff. Hopefully, we’ll play some new tracks in Australia, which will be a lot of fun.

Can we expect a new album this year?
Not an album but definitely an EP, or two [laughs]. We’ll hopefully have the album ready for release next year. We also have a few collaborative things in the works, which I’m not allowed to talk about just yet [laughs].

As mentioned above, the boys will be back in the country for a few shows this May:

Wednesday, May 2 – The Hifi, Brisbane
Thursday, May 3 – The Hi Fi, Melbourne
Friday, May 4 – The Hi Fi, Sydney

We leave you with the music video which launched our audible romance with Mount Kimbie. Here’s ‘Before I Move Off’:

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