Kasper Bjørke: Interview

We caught up with Danish producer Kasper Bjørke the other day to talk about new album Fool. At the time of phone-call, he was chilling in his jocks.

Are you ready?
Well, I’m almost ready – I’m only wearing my underpants [laughs] but we can start! This is going to be a great interview.

Who is Jenny?
Jenny is just a character that Jacob Bellens thought up when he wrote the lyrics for the song. She is basically that one girl that every guy comes across in life that is just always out of grasp. She’s the one that will always just slip through your fingers.

How does it feel having new record Fool out on the record store shelves?
It feels amazing. It’s been really great to get something out when you have been working on it for so long. But in saying that, the new record only took about a year to make where Standing On Top of Utopia took nearly two years. I am really happy with the album’s artwork too. It was done by Trevor Jackson – I’ve always been a fan of his designs and his music. For me, this record has come together as it should – visually and musically and it all makes sense. Well, to me anyway [laughs].

How is the music scene is Copenhagen at the moment?
It’s going pretty well. You know WhoMadeWho and Trentemøller of course but there are actually quite a lot of acts that are making it outside of Denmark. Back in the day, it was just Aqua who managed to get an international following. Did you just say Aqua?  Yeah! They were just in Australia, weren’t they? They’re friends, actually. I know them well.

When did you decide that you were going to make a living out of music making?
It was around year 2000 and I was making music with the drummer for WhoMadeWho, Tomas Barfod. We were working on a duo project called Filur which was a poppy, housey, disco sound. It was quite cheesy, meeting up once a week in our bedrooms and working on our Ataris. We scored a record deal based on this one song we did called ‘I Want You’. It actually turned out to be a big hit all over Europe and even Japan. I quit my job at this advertising agency and have basically lived off music ever since. Now I’m doing artist management for Trentemøller and another Danish band called Reptile Youth who will be bringing out an album in September. We’re all signed to the German label Hfn.

Who are your key influences?
I would say from Giorgio Moroder to James Murphy [laughs] and also Depeche Mode to Daft Punk.

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2012?
I’m going to be touring quite a lot, playing gigs in Istanbul, Paris, Berlin and maybe New York in July. I’ll also be on tour with Trentemøller as his manager.

Can we expect to see you in Australia soon?
I really hope so. The schedule is so tight – it would have to be planned around some sort of vacation. So maybe for your Summer. That would be perfect for me because it will be freezing here.

Grab a copy of Kasper Bjørke’s latest record Fool here.

Here’s the video for Fool‘s first single, ‘Lose Yourself to Jenny’ (ft. Jacob Bellens):

We’ll leave you with ‘Efficient Machine’ – taken from 2010’s debut release, Standing On Top of Utopia:


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